Terms of use of the Howdy Partners service

Last Updated : 27 September, 2022

Terms of use of the Howdy Partners service

Article 1. Definition

In these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the following words or groups of words have the meaning defined in this article. The definition of a word given in the singular shall apply when the word is used in the plural in the General Terms and Conditions of Use and vice versa. Where defined words or groups of words are used in these Terms and Conditions, the first letter of the word (or each word) is capitalised. Where the same word is used in the Terms and Conditions without a capital letter, it shall not have the meaning given to it in this section but the meaning given to it in common language.

.Terms and Conditions: the term "Terms and Conditions" or "Terms" refers to this document.
.Site: the term "Site" refers to the website www.howdy-apps.com.
.User: the term "User" refers to any person, whoever he may be, using the Site for any purpose whatsoever.
.Holder: the term "Holder" refers to the company Howdy Partners, whose registered office is located at Avenue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, 1020 Bruxelles, registered at the ECB under the number 0732.621.204.
.Account: the term "Account" refers to the user account as completed by the User at the time of registration.
.Service: the term "Service" refers to all services that may be ordered through the Site.

Article 2. Subject

The purpose of this document is to determine the general conditions of use of the Site. The User undertakes to use the Site with all due care and diligence, in compliance with national and international legal and public order provisions and with the present provisions.

Article 3. Acceptance

The use of the Site, for whatever reason, implies the full and complete acceptance by the User, whoever he may be, as well as his understanding of the present Conditions, including the primacy of the Conditions over any other general conditions that the User of the Site may invoke. If the User does not accept these Terms and Conditions, the User is requested to immediately leave the Site and not to use it in any way. By accessing and using the Site, the User accepts the general terms and conditions of use without any reservation. If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions of Use is not applicable or is contrary to mandatory law, this shall not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions. The User acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions of Use and the use of the Site do not create any form of legal association between the User and the Owner.

Article 4. Content of the Site and modification

The Site is regularly updated and great care is taken to ensure that the information contained therein is relevant. However, the Titleholder cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, integrity, timeliness, precision and completeness of all information contained therein. The Titleholder cannot be held responsible for the quality of the Services as offered by the Deliverers. The Holder reserves the right to periodically, unilaterally and without prior notice, modify the Conditions, for example to adapt them to legislative and regulatory changes, or to modify the functionalities offered. The User must validate this new version of the Conditions to continue using the platform. The User is presumed to have read, accepted and understood these modifications by continuing to use the Site.

Article 5. Registration form - User account

To access all the Services provided by the Site, the User must create an Account. When registering, the User is required to provide complete and accurate information and undertakes to notify the Holder without delay of any change in this information. When registering, the User refers to a unique identifier and a personal nominative password which he/she undertakes to keep confidential. The User undertakes not to use an identifier that is offensive, contrary to public order or morality, that infringes the rights of third parties, the laws and regulations in force in Belgium or the image of the Owner. The User undertakes not to create or use accounts other than the one initially created, whether under his own identity or that of a third party. Any departure from this rule must be explicitly requested by the User and expressly authorised by the Owner. The creation or use of new accounts under the User's own identity or that of a third party without having requested and obtained the Holder's prior authorisation may result in the immediate suspension of the User's Accounts from all services associated with that Account in accordance with Article 9 below. The User is solely responsible for the confidentiality, security and use of his/her login and password associated with his/her Account. The Holder cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the User's entering incorrect or insufficiently accurate data when registering for an Account.

Article 6. Majority

The User declares that he/she is of legal age and has the capacity to exercise his/her rights under these Conditions. The User shall ensure that access and/or use of his/her Account by any third party, including minors, without his/her prior authorisation is blocked. The Holder may not be held liable in any way whatsoever for the use of the Site and/or the User Account by a minor, by any means whatsoever.

Article 7. Use of the site

The User undertakes to use the Services offered by the Site in good faith and not to contravene these General Conditions.The User expressly undertakes to :not to exploit the information in an illegal manner and not to violate any local, regional, national or other applicable law or regulation, or any court order, including, but not limited to, planning restrictions and tax regulations; not to use the Site in such a way that it is damaged, transformed, interrupted, discontinued or rendered less effective by any means whatsoever not to use the Site for the transmission or posting of computer viruses or for the transmission or posting of illegal, unlawful, inappropriate or immoral content (including, but not limited to, information of an obscene nature or harmful to public order);not to use the Site with the aim of infringing, in any way whatsoever, the rights of a natural person, legal entity or association such as - inter alia but not exclusively - the right to privacy and intellectual property; to carry out all necessary checks on the rights attached to the elements reproduced in his publication(s) and, where appropriate, to obtain the authorisation of the holders of these rights;not to use the Site to send or transmit content for promotional or advertising purposes without having first requested authorisation from the Holder;not to reproduce, without the prior and express authorisation of its author, without this list being exhaustive, any work, illustration, image, photograph, text, file, etc., The Holder is not responsible for the possible propagation of viruses in the event that, despite the precautionary measures taken, this should occur, and declines all responsibility for the damage that these viruses may cause. If advice is given, either directly or indirectly, via the Site, in the context of medical, legal, financial or any other personal or commercial decisions, this advice is given without any form of guarantee and without the Holder being liable for it. The User is required to always consult an expert in these matters for additional information appropriate to his/her particular situation. The User undertakes to fully indemnify the Licensee against any damage suffered, directly or indirectly, by the Licensee as a result of the User's conduct. The Holder reserves the right to suspend access to any publication that it considers to violate the Conditions, a legal norm or to be contrary to good morals. In such a case, the Holder will notify the User concerned, by e-mail, of the suspension measure, inviting him to put an end to the faulty behaviour identified in the notification.

Article 8. Obligations of the user

The User is obliged to comply with the instructions, messages, rules, terms and conditions mentioned by the Owner when using the Site. All instructions and notes (e.g. Frequently Asked Questions) issued by the Owner must be followed by the User in their updated and possibly amended version. If the User fails to comply with any of their obligations under the Terms, the Owner may take appropriate action (e.g. issue a warning, block or delete the content, make the User's access inaccessible or notify them). The User is responsible, without any restriction, for their personal conduct when using it. This applies in particular if there is any doubt about any published contribution or content used by the User.

Article 9. Suspension of access to the Site - deletion of the Account

If the User concerned by the suspension measure referred to in Article 8 fails to remedy the situation reported, the Holder will send a formal notice to comply immediately with the said article. If, despite the formal notice, the User does not voluntarily put an end to the misconduct reported, the Holder will delete, without further notice, the Account without compensation to the User. The Holder reserves the right to refuse the re-registration of the User whose Account has been deleted. In general, the Holder reserves the right to suspend or interrupt all or part of the access to the Site, as well as to take technical measures and, if necessary, legal measures, in the event that the User is presumed to infringe, in any way whatsoever, the interests of the Holder, the Site or any third party, including its intellectual property rights.

Article 10. Intellectual property

The notion of "Intellectual Property" refers to all objects and rights of intellectual and industrial property, including (but not limited to) copyrights, trademarks, patents, models, databases, source codes and any other material owned by the Holder. The general structure of the Site as well as all of the content published on it (namely images, articles, photographs, illustrations, distinctive signs, logos, brands, videos, interviews, sounds, texts, etc.), including any newsletters, are protected by national and international legislation on intellectual property, and in particular copyright, neighbouring rights, trademark law and image rights. The Holder explicitly reserves the intellectual property rights and other rights to its name, logo and visual identity. Third parties are prohibited from using these names, logos and visual identity without the express prior written consent of the Titleholder. These Terms do not transfer any intellectual property rights to the User, who is not allowed to copy, send, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, issue, circulate, arrange or modify the material on the Site other than for the purpose of using and managing the lists created. All reproduction rights are reserved to the Holder, including for texts, downloadable documents, iconographic and photographic representations. In this respect, in the absence of express authorisation from the Owner, it is strictly forbidden to exploit the contents of the Site and in particular to reproduce, represent, modify or adapt them in whole or in part. The Titleholder is aware that its name and logo could be misused by third parties for fraudulent activities. In this respect, the Holder draws the attention of the User to be vigilant and therefore recommends not to contact the instigators of such fraudulent activities and not to send money or reveal banking or credit card information or identity to anyone claiming to represent the Holder or to have a banking relationship with the Holder without first checking the issuer of the request. In case of doubt, the User may contact the Account Holder at info@howdy-apps.com . The Registrant cannot in any case be held responsible for the abusive or fraudulent use of its name, logo or address. It is requested to inform the relevant police or judicial authorities directly of any suspicious activity. Such activities may also be reported to the Holder.

Article 11. Exemption clause

The information, products and services on the Site may contain inaccuracies in content or typographical errors. This information is subject to change from time to time. The Owner and/or suppliers may make changes to this Site at any time. The Holder invites the User not to make any important decisions on the basis of the information provided via the Site.

The User is obliged to consult a person with the professional competence to give him/her specific advice adapted to his/her situation. Except in the case of fraud or deceit, in no event shall the Registrant be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages (including, without limitation, loss of profits, loss of savings or business opportunities, loss of data, industrial damage, inactivity or personnel costs) arising out of the Registrant's fault, contractual obligation or liability for services, even if such damages are the result of gross negligence or recklessness caused by:
i) the Site including its unavailability or technical functioning
ii) the information or content of the Site;
iii) viruses, hacking attacks and other computer crimes; or
iv) the content and use of websites to which hyperlinks are provided on the Site, even if the Holder or one of its suppliers has been advised of the possibility of such damage. Any use of this Site is therefore entirely at the User's own risk. If the User is unable to approve this Site in whole or in part, or if the User does not agree with the terms and conditions of use, the User's sole remedy is to discontinue using this Site.

Article 12. Personal data

The clear User privacy policy adopted by the Registrant can be found on the Privacy Policy page. Please read this page for information on the collection and use of your personal data.

Article 13. Liability

The Holder shall not be held liable in the following cases: difficulties in the operation of the Site or interruption of its services beyond its control; temporary interruptions of the services or of the Site necessary for their evolution, maintenance or updating; failures or malfunctioning of the Internet network in the transmission of data, messages or documents;

. The Holder makes reasonable efforts to provide accurate information on the Site, which may be modified and updated without prior notice or notification. The Site Owner, as well as any other party mentioned on the Site, bears no responsibility for and makes no warranty, express or implied, that the Site will be error-free, free of viruses or malfunctioning and/or that the content of the Site and the pages are correct, reasonable, up-to-date and complete. In no event shall the Owner be liable for any direct or indirect damages in the broadest sense arising out of or in connection with the use of the Site.

Article 14. Information on the Site

The descriptions of the products/services presented on the Site are given for information purposes only. They do not engage the responsibility of the Holder in any way whatsoever.

Article 15. Forum and comments

If the Holder allows the User to leave comments on certain pages of the Site, the latter undertake to respect the generally applicable legislation and in particular not to publish any denigrating, defamatory, abusive, hateful, belligerent, racist xenophobic or inciting to discrimination, hatred or violence towards a person, a group, a community or their members, because of an alleged race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin of some or all of them. The User shall refrain from posting any images, illustrations, hyperlinks, photos, etc., that violate any Belgian or international legal provision. The Owner may not in any way be held liable for any information or material whatsoever posted by any User on the Site.

Article 16. Hypertext links

The Holder cannot be held responsible for hyperlinks to other websites, as he has no control over the content of these sites. If the Holder is not opposed to the creation of hypertext links to its site, an authorisation must however be requested and obtained beforehand in writing. The Holder reserves the right to demand the removal of a link to one of the pages of the Site if he considers that the maintenance of the link does not correspond to his missions, values or would be likely to harm him. The Site may also contain links to third party services or websites for which the Site Owner has no control, so that the User enters into a direct relationship with the third party service provider concerned, without the Site Owner being involved in this relationship in any way.

Article 17. Cookies

The clear policy on the use of cookies adopted by the Owner can be found on the Cookies Policy page. Read this page for information on the use of cookies by the Owner.

Article 18. Miscellaneous provisions

The User accepts that the Holder may send notices to the User, by e-mail, by post or by any other useful means of communication. If one or more clauses of the Conditions are declared null and void or inapplicable, the nullity or inapplicability shall not affect the validity or applicability of the other clauses. The fact that the Titleholder fails at any time to insist on strict compliance with the Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of its rights and shall not prevent the Titleholder from demanding strict compliance. The failure of the Titleholder to require compliance with or to enforce any of the provisions of the Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of its rights under the Conditions and shall not affect the validity of the Conditions in whole or in part or prejudice the exercise of the Title holder's right to take any action.

Article 19. Applicable law and jurisdiction clause

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the Conditions are governed exclusively by Belgian law. The User shall endeavour to resolve amicably any dispute or litigation that may arise between them and the Holder in connection with the execution of the Conditions. In the absence of an amicable solution, the French-speaking courts and tribunals of the judicial district of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction. The language of the proceedings shall be French.

Welcome to our website "www.howdy-apps.com" and to our applications. This page (together with the documents referred to on it) sets out the conditions under which our delivery partners will deliver one or more goods to you according to the terms and conditions set out on our website. Please read these terms carefully before using our Service. By accessing our site and submitting a delivery request, you agree to be bound without reservation by these terms and conditions and our terms of use policy. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us before scheduling a delivery via info@howdy-apps.com. If you do not agree to these terms in full, do not use our Service. Effective date: 01/04/2019

General terms and conditions of use of the Howdy Partners website - Service requestor

Article 1. Introduction

Howdy Partners is a company with its registered office at Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium (hereinafter, the "Company" or "Howdy Partners"). www.howdy-apps.com is a web platform that provides a delivery service addressed to merchants and professionals (excluding any consumer). The purpose of our Service is to provide a simple and convenient solution that connects our customers (the "Applicants") with a fleet of independent delivery agents (the "Deliverers") in order to carry out a Delivery of Goods in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions. For more information, you can contact us via:

Mail: info@howdy-apps.com
Telephone: +32 (0) 2 486 63 44
Head office address: Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium

Article 2. Definitions

Dans les présentes Conditions Générales, les mots ou groupes de mots qui suivent ont la signification définie au présent article. La définition d’un mot donné au singulier vaut lorsque le mot est utilisé au pluriel dans les Conditions Générales et inversement. Lorsque les mots ou groupes de mots définis sont utilisés dans les présentes Conditions Générales, la première lettre du mot (ou de chaque mot) est une majuscule. Lorsque le même mot est employé dans les Conditions Générales sans majuscule, il n'a pas le sens donné au présent article, mais celui du langage commun.La présente clause a pour objet de définir les différents termes essentiels des présentes Conditions Générales :

site : désigne le site web www.www.howdy-apps.com (en ce compris dashboard.www.howdy-apps.com) ;
‍Applications : désigne toutes applications pour mobiles, tablettes et smartphones, et les interfaces de programme d’application de la Société ;
Plateforme : désigne collectivement le Site, toutes les Applications et les Services Howdy Partners ;
‍Services : désignent l’ensemble des services de mise en relation entre les Demandeurs et les Livreur
s proposés par le biais de la Plateforme, dont notamment le service de réservation en ligne, permettant d’obtenir une Livraison de Marchandises ;
eur : désigne toute personne majEURe et capable ou toute personne morale représentée par une personne physique dûment habilitée faisant appel à Howdy Partners en direct ou indirectement via un encodeur de demande, pour trouver un Livreur pour l’enlèvement auprès d’une personne physique ou morale (« l’Expéditeur ») d’une ou de plusieurs marchandises (les « Marchandises ») et la livraison de ces Marchandises à une personne physique ou morale (le « Destinataire »). Le Demandeur peut être l’Expéditeur, le Destinataire ou un tiers ;
‍Contenu Demand
eur : données transmises par le Demandeur au sein du Site ;
‍Compte : espace privatif du DemandEUR accessible depuis la Plateforme avec les Eléments d’Identification et contenant notamment les informations relatives au DemandEUR, aux Services fournis par la Société et permettant, le cas échéant, de bénéficier ou d’effectuer des Livraisons de Marchandises ;
‍Adresse de prise en charge : désigne l’adresse de prise en charge des Marchandises renseignée par le DemandEUR pour une demande de Livraison de Marchandises ;
Adresse de livraison : désigne l’adresse de livraison des Marchandises renseignées par le DemandEUR pour une demande de Livraison de Marchandises ;
‍Destinataire : désigne la personne physique (y compris le préposé ou représentant d’une personne morale) dont l’identité et les coordonnées sont renseignées sur l’Application ou la Plateforme par le DemandEUR comme destinataire de la Marchandise et situé à l’Adresse de livraison ou, le cas échéant, dans un périmètre adjacent proche, sous la réserve de sa désignation, par tout moyen, par le DemandEUR ;
‍Eléments d’identification : identifiant de connexion et/ou mot de passe transmis par la Société à l’UtilisatEUR et permettant à ce dernier d’accéder à son Compte et aux Services ;
‍ExpéditEUR : désigne la personne physique (y compris le préposé ou représentant d’une personne morale) dont l’identité et les coordonnées sont renseignées sur la Plateforme par le DemandEUR comme ExpéditEUR des Marchandises et situé à l’Adresse de prise en charge ou, le cas échéant, dans un périmètre adjacent proche, sous la réserve de sa désignation, par tout moyen, par le DemandEUR;
‍Livraison de Marchandise : désigne les prestations de transport de Marchandises qui sont confiées au LivrEUR par le DemandEUR et réalisées par le LivrEUR par le biais de la Plateforme ;
Marchandise : désigne le bien dont le DemandEUR demande la Livraison, réalisée par le LivrEUR
UtilisatEUR : désigne indifféremment le LivrEUR ou le DemandEUR.
‍LivrEUR : désigne la personne physique ou morale (et dans ce cas, le préposé de ladite personne morale) qui propose ses services via la Plateforme afin d’effectuer des Livraisons de Marchandises pour le compte des DemandEURs qui en font la demande de l’ExpéditEUR au Destinataire.
‍Mesures : désigne le volume de Marchandises et le nombre de paquets à prendre en charge.

Article 3. Scope, acceptance and modification

1. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "General Terms and Conditions") shall come into force on the above-mentioned date and shall apply to all Services provided by Howdy Partners, regardless of the nature of the service provided.

2. By using Howdy Partners's Services, the Applicant accepts these General Terms and Conditions without reservation. General or special terms and conditions of the Applicant or of a party other than Howdy Partners shall not apply in any case and shall be rejected at any time. This also applies if the conditions of the Deliverer or any other party have not been expressly rejected.

3. The Service as offered by Howdy Partners is limited to making the Platform available to the Applicant to find a Deliverer for the Delivery of Goods. The contract of carriage is directly concluded between the Applicant and the Deliverer when a Deliverer accepts the proposal of an Applicant to transport Goods from the Sender to the Recipient. This acceptance is made via the Platform.

4. Howdy Partners is entitled to suspend, stop or change the provision of the Services and/or the related tariffs at any time and without prior notice, it being understood that such a decision shall apply immediately and by right and shall have no influence on the conditions for the Services previously entrusted to Howdy Partners.

5. These General Terms and Conditions may be adapted at any time by Howdy Partners. The Applicant shall be informed of the amendments and the date of their entry into force by means of the technique deemed appropriate by Howdy Partners. This may be done, for example, by e-mail or in the form of a pop-up on the screen when using the Platform.

Article 4. Availability of the Service

1. The Platform can only be used for the transport and delivery of goods in Belgium and France. If the Pick-up Address is located outside the Brussels-Capital Region when booking the Delivery on the Platform, a message will appear stating that the Delivery will be impossible.

2. Howdy Partners may extend the use of the Platform to other cities, which will then be listed on the Site at the time of booking the Delivery on the Platform.

3. Deliveries can only be made during the following hours: Monday to Sunday inclusive, from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Article 5. Account creation

1. In order to use the Platform, the Applicant must create an account by providing:their first and last name the email address the telephone number password

2. The Applicant must then confirm their email address by clicking on the link contained in the message sent to the e-mail address provided and then provide the following information about their company:company nameVAT numberSiret number (France)invoicing address invoicing email address delivery volume requirements (indicative)

3. The Applicant will then be asked to enter a payment method with our payment partner Stripe from the following options:Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex)Bank account number for SEPA mandateManual bank transfer (reserved for corporate partners)This step can be skipped during account creation but must be completed before a delivery can be booked.

Howdy Partners does not record, have knowledge of or access to any payment information entered on the Stripe platform.

Article 6. Limits of use of the platform

1. Howdy Partners retains all intellectual property rights to all content and functionality of the Platform. Howdy Partners grants Applicant a non-transferable, non-exclusive and limited license to use the Platform in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

2. Howdy Partners may, at any time and without prior notice, temporarily or permanently deny access to Howdy Partners if the Applicant: uses the Platform in a way that violates these General Terms and Conditions, the applicable legislation, or in a way that violates the integrity of third parties or the reputation of Howdy Partners; misuses the Platform; provides incomplete or inaccurate information when registering on the Platform; and fails to inform Howdy Partners in case of changes in the data provided to Howdy Partners at the time of registration. does not have a valid means of payment or a means of payment whose balance does not allow him/her to pay the amounts due.

Article 7. Reservation of a Delivery

Booking a Delivery on the Platform follows the following steps:

1. The Applicant enters the following information: date and time desired for the pick-up address contact information for the pick-up address(es) of destination(s) volume(s) of goods to be transported

2. Each time a Delivery is booked on the Platform, the Applicant is provided with a summary of the type of volume to be transported and the estimated price before finalisation. This price does not include any additional handling costs arising from the delivery service. By accepting this summary, the Applicant undertakes to pay for the Delivery.

3. Any booking of a Delivery, after confirmation of the summary by the Applicant, will be submitted to the delivery partners for execution.

4. The Prices are determined per journey, being automatically calculated by the Platform after an algorithm that takes into account a sum of variables, such as in particular the volume of the Goods, the distance to be covered between the pick-up and delivery Addresses, the delivery times, the handling, etc. They include the intermediation commission of the Platform. They include the intermediation commission due to the Company in return for the Services.

Article 8. Modification and Cancellation

Any reservation of a Delivery will be put under a status describing the status of the said reservation:
"Delivery created";
"Delivery assigned";
"Delivery imminent";
"Delivery in progress";
"Delivery completed".

The Applicant has the right to change his delivery information, free of charge, as long as the delivery reservation is in the status "Delivery Created" or "Delivery Assigned" and the pick-up takes place within more than 2 (two) hours.

If the following information:
Pick-up address;
Destination address(es);
Pick-up time;
Volume(s) of goods.

is changed less than 2 (two) hours before the pick-up and/or if the delivery is under the status "Imminent Delivery", the Applicant will be charged a change fee. The Applicant has the right to cancel, free of charge, the reservation of a Delivery as long as the reservation of the Delivery is under the status "Delivery Created", "Delivery Assigned" and if the pick-up of the goods is to take place in more than 8h00.

The applicant whose delivery reservation is to be picked up in less than 8 hours and the status of the reservation is still "Delivery Created" or "Delivery Assigned", has the right to cancel, subject to a cancellation fee of 30% of the delivery reservation amount.Once the delivery reservation has been set to "Delivery imminent", "Delivery in progress" or "Delivery completed", the Applicant will no longer be able to cancel the order, which will be considered firm and definitive.

Cancelled orders will then be invoiced in full to the Applicant, with a transaction limit of &EURo;35.00 (thirty-five EURos), to which will be added any expenses incurred by the delivery person for the return journey to the point of collection of the goods.

Article 9. Goods prohibited for transport

1. The Platform may under no circumstances be used to transport dangerous goods (as referred to in the regulations applicable to the transport of dangerous goods, including ADR, CMR, IMDG Code) and other goods for which a permit is required.

2. In particular, it is prohibited to transport through the Platform (non-exhaustive list):Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances;Objects, writings or substances in general whose import, export, production, circulation, dissemination, use, possession, sale or transport are prohibited by law;Objects which, due to their form, nature or packaging, may represent a danger to persons, or which may damage or soil other packages, the deliverer's equipment or goods (including packages) belonging to third parties;Chemicals, explosive, flammable or radioactive materials, infectious substances, solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) or other substances which may constitute a danger;Infectious substances, live animals or parasites;Objects bearing external markings contrary to public order or morality;Weapons, essential components of weapons and ammunition, dummy weapons, knives, swords, daggers, etc. Gases under pressure, toxic or corrosive substances, fuels and organic peroxides;

3. The following are not prohibited for transport, but are excluded from insurance via the PlatformFoodstuffs and tobacco products or other products on which excise duties are levied;Any other sharp objects;Bearer securities, coins, banknotes, jewellery (except costume jewellery with a value of less than EUR 500 (five hundred) per package and provided that it does not contain gold, silver or precious stones), works of art and collectors' items or other precious materials, including animal furs, and more generally all goods with a value of more than EUR 500 (five hundred)
4. The Applicant shall be liable for all consequences and damages incurred by Howdy Partners, the Deliverer or third parties as a result of non-compliance with these General Terms and Conditions and the applicable regulations, even if he had informed Howdy Partners and the Deliverer of the nature of the Goods. Howdy Partners excludes any liability for the nature of the Goods. The Applicant expressly acknowledges and accepts this exclusion of liability.

Article 10: Inspection, refusal or suspension of services and related costs
1. The Applicant agrees that the Supplier and any public authority may at any time open the package of the Goods to inspect the Goods.
2. The fact that the Supplier accepts the Goods does not imply that the Supplier acknowledges that the package meets all the requirements for carriage.
3. The Deliverer has the right to refuse the deposit or collection of the Goods and/or to suspend the transport or to return the Goods to the Shipper or the Applicant if, in his opinion, the Goods are dangerous and prohibited or if the other conditions are not complied with and/or if the description as provided by the Applicant via the Platform does not correspond to the Goods to be transported.
4. The Applicant shall be liable to the Supplier if the refusal or suspension results in costs or any liability for the Supplier. The Applicant shall hold Howdy Partners harmless from any claims for compensation by the Supplier or third parties.

Article 11. Obligations and liability of the Applicant

1. The Applicant shall log on to the Platform and complete all the information requested correctly and accurately, and shall immediately notify Howdy Partners of any changes to his/her information directly via the Platform.

2. The Applicant guarantees that :he is at least 18 years old as a natural person and validly resides in Belgium, or that he has been validly incorporated as a legal person;if he is operating as a natural person in the course of his professional activity or on behalf of a natural person who is operating in the course of his professional activity;the Goods correspond to the description transmitted to the Deliverer via the Platform;the Goods comply with these General Terms and Conditions, in particular article 8;he takes all reasonable precautions to avoid any possible damage;the Goods will be entrusted to the Deliverer at the place and at the time indicated on the Platform;the Goods will be received by the Recipient at the place and at the time indicated on the Platform;he will not use the Platform for the transport of persons. This also implies that the Deliverer may not transport the Applicant or the Shipper together with the Goods; and payment shall take place as indicated on the Platform.

3. The Applicant shall hold Howdy Partners, the Supplier and third parties harmless from any liability arising from the fact that the aforementioned statements of the Applicant do not correspond to reality or that the Goods do not comply with these General Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable legislation, and shall thereby indemnify any damage or costs arising therefrom, including legal costs. The Applicant shall be liable for any damage caused by or through the Goods entrusted to the Supplier, both by the nature of the Goods and by their packaging and for any damage to the Goods themselves and to other goods, the environment and persons.

Article 12. Tariffs and payment conditions

1. L’utilisation par le DemandEUR de la Plateforme est gratuite sauf si le DemandEUR opte pour l’usage d’une fonctionnalité premium payante sous le modèle d’abonnement via la plateforme.
2. Les Services et les réservations de Livraison sont payants. Les tarifs correspondent aux tarifs en viguEUR appliqués par Howdy Partners pour les Services au moment de la réservation de la Livraison. Les tarifs en viguEUR peuvent être consultés lors de la commande de la Livraison sur la plateforme. Ceux-ci peuvent être modifiés à tout moment par Howdy Partners, sans que cette modification ne puisse affecter une réservation de Livraison en cours. Le tarif du Service inclut les frais d’affranchissement de la Livraison.
3. Les prix sont indiqués en EURo, hors taxes.
4. Le Service et l’Application sont accessibles via internet de même que la passation de toute Commande nécessite d’être connecté à l’internet quelle qu’en soit la forme (Wifi, 4G, ...). Les frais de connexion à internet sont exclusivement à charge du Client. L’attention du Client est attirée plus particulièrement sur les coûts de connexion internet par les réseaux mobiles.
5. Le DemandEUR doit, pour pouvoir introduire une demande de réservation d’une Livraison avoir renseigné un moyen de paiement valable via le partenaire de paiement Stripe.
6. Les périodes de facturation sont du 1 au 14 et du 15 à la fin du mois en cours. Le solde des Services de la période de facturation en cours est consultable sous la rubrique Paramètres, section Facturation de la plateforme.
7. Les paiements du solde des Services seront prélevés de manière automatique deux fois par mois, le 15 (quinze) du mois en cours et le 1er (un) du mois suivant sauf si le jour de prélèvement est un jour non-ouvré, auquel cas, le prélèvement aura lieu le premier jour ouvré suivant.
8. Tout défaut de paiement par un DemandEUR, notamment du fait de l’expiration de la carte bancaire renseignée ou d’un solde insuffisant sur la carte ou le compte bancaire entraînera automatiquement la suspension par Howdy Partners de son accès à la réservation de Livraison via la plateforme. En cas de défaut, le DemandEUR sera prévenu par email et invité à mettre à jour ses informations de paiement. De nouvelles tentatives de prélèvement automatique seront effectuées sur le moyen de paiement renseigné jusqu’à recouvrement des sommes dues.
9. En cas de non-paiement complet de la facture 15 jours après son émission, le montant de celle-ci sera majoré d’un intérêt de retard au taux légal applicable en cas de retard de paiement dans les transactions commerciales publié au MonitEUR par le Ministre des finances. Ces intérêts seront dus de plein droit sans formalité de mise en demEURe préalable.
10. Toute somme impayée dans les délais sera augmentée de plein droit, et sans mise en demEURe, de 15% avec un minimum de 100 EURos, à titre d’indemnité forfaitaire et irréductible.
11. L’absence de paiement, même partiel, d’une facture à l’échéance, a pour conséquence que toutes les autres factures deviennent immédiatement exigibles et la suspension de toute exécution de service de la part de Howdy Partners SA
12. Les clients “Grand Compte” ont la possibilité d’opter pour des paiements par virement manuel, avec des délais de paiement négociés avec Howdy Partners. Dans ce cas, les intérêts de retard mentionnés à l’article 12 - paragraphe 7 seront calculés à partir de la date d’échéance de la facture.
13. Le DemandEUR paiera au LivrEUR le tarif convenu, qui sera déduit de la valEUR totale du solde des Services Howdy Partners, via la Plateforme.
14. A ce titre, Howdy Partners facilite le règlement du prix correspondant à la Livraison, en agissant pour le compte du LivrEUR en qualité d’agent d’encaissement limité dudit LivrEUR. Le paiement effectué de la sorte sera considéré au même titre qu’un paiement directement effectué par le DemandEUR au LivrEUR. Ce tarif comprend la commission qui sera payée par le LivrEUR à Howdy Partners pour l’utilisation de la Plateforme. Les conditions générales (lien sur notre site web) de Howdy Partners font intégralement partie des présentes Conditions générales.
15. Toute réclamation, pour être valable, doit être adressée à Howdy Partners SA par email à l'adresse support@www.howdy-apps.com dans les 8 jours suivant l’exécution de la livraison. Passé ce délai, la livraison est considérée comme ayant été exécutée à l’entière satisfaction du client, le bien livré est considéré comme conforme et sans vices, et la facturation y relative est considérée comme correctement établie.
16. Le paiement réalisé est définitif et ne donne pas lieu à remboursement, à moins que Howdy Partners n’en décide autrement.
Article 13. Limitation of liability
Howdy Partners's responsibility is limited to finding a Deliverer or, if applicable, to informing the Applicant within a reasonable time that no Deliverer could be found. Howdy Partners shall not be liable in any way for damage to and/or loss of the Goods or for damage caused by the Goods. Howdy Partners shall in no case be liable for any indirect damage, including but not limited to loss of profit (e.g. loss of turnover, loss of profits, customers, data, etc.), which results from a contractual and/or extra-contractual fault on the part of Howdy Partners and/or its employees and/or subcontractors. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary, Howdy Partners's liability shall in any case be limited to EUR 500 (five hundred) per transport.

Article 14. Non-solicitation of Deliverers

During the entire term of this Agreement, but also for a period of 6 months after its termination, the Applicant expressly undertakes not to directly or indirectly solicit Howdy Partners's partner delivery service providers within the contractual territory without the written consent of Howdy Partners. In addition, the Applicant shall be obliged to ensure that this obligation not to solicit the delivery service providers is observed, if necessary, by any person working directly or indirectly for him (employees, workers, etc.).
In the event of a direct or indirect breach of the obligation set out in §1 by himself or by a third party for whom he is responsible, the Applicant undertakes to pay Howdy Partners an irreducible lump-sum compensation of &EURo; 15,000.00, without prejudice to Howdy Partners's right to claim additional damages.

Article 15. Personal data

The personal data that the Applicant, the Sender, the Deliverer and the Recipient (or their staff members) provide to Howdy Partners shall be used by Howdy Partners for the purpose of providing the services referred to in these General Terms and Conditions and for the purpose of commercial promotion of the Services provided by Howdy Partners and by companies related to Howdy Partners within the meaning of Article 11 of the Companies Code. Unless the Applicant, the Sender, the Deliverer or the Recipient (or their relevant staff) object, such data may be communicated to such related companies for such purposes. The email addresses given by the users in the application, may be used by the Platform to communicate information about Howdy Partners. The user has the possibility to unsubscribe from these communications at any time, via the 'unsubscribe' option in each communication.
The Deliverer agrees that the photos of the Goods that are uploaded to the Platform by Howdy Partners may be used and/or modified for commercial purposes;

The Deliverer agrees that the mobile numbers of the parties concerned (= Applicant, Sender, Deliverer and Recipient) are made available to these parties concerned on the Platform, up to the moment when the shipment is put in the delivered status;

The Deliverer agrees that chat messages that are sent via the Howdy Partners application between the Sender, the Deliverer and the Receiver, can be seen by the administrators of the Platform, and that these messages can be used in case of dispute;

If the Applicant, the Sender, the Deliverer or the Receiver (or their relevant staff members) do not wish their personal data to be used and/or disclosed for these purposes, they can inform Howdy Partners at any time in writing. The Applicant, the Sender, the Deliverer or the Recipient also have the right to inspect and correct their personal data. They may exercise these rights by sending a written, dated and signed request to Howdy Partners;

The privacy statement (link on the Site) is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 16. Miscellaneous provisions

The possible nullity of one or more clauses of this agreement or parts of this agreement does not entail the nullity of the agreement as a whole, but only of the part concerned. Any dispute concerning or related to these General Terms and Conditions that cannot be settled amicably shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels. These General Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Belgian law. The parties undertake to guarantee absolute confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties with regard to all technical and commercial information of a confidential nature of which the parties are informed in the context of the execution of these General Conditions. However, this shall not apply to information the disclosure of which is required by law, regulation or court order.

Article 17. Referencing

As from the acceptance of these conditions by the Applicant, the Holder reserves the right to quote the Applicant's name and logo as a reference in any advertising, commercial and institutional document (in particular on its Site), which the Applicant expressly declares to accept.

Article 18. Miscellaneous provisions

The possible invalidity of one or more clauses of this agreement or parts of this agreement does not entail the invalidity of the agreement as a whole, but only of the part concerned. Any dispute concerning or related to these General Terms and Conditions that cannot be settled amicably shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels. The parties undertake to guarantee absolute confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties with regard to all technical and commercial information of a confidential nature of which the parties are informed in the context of the execution of these General Conditions. However, this shall not apply to information the disclosure of which is required by law, regulation or court order.