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Before your transport

You can contact us directly on the customer support and we will ensure the return of the missing item(s). Please note that the item must be mentioned in the quote.

Are one or more items missing or damaged during your Howdy's?

In such a case, the waybill is your best friend!

This will be presented to you for signature by the howder electronically via our App, once your goods have been unloaded. It will then be the moment for you to indicate your reservations, i.e. all your remarks in the most precise way possible, number of damaged or missing parcels with their reference but also explanation concerning any damage suffered by your personal goods (walls, parquet, staircase).

It represents the only proof of the good or bad execution of your delivery and of the state of your goods at their reception.

Only the information on it will be accepted and used to open an insurance file.

You then have a maximum of 72 hours to declare this damage by email via info@howdy-apps.com. Otherwise, your request will unfortunately not be considered.

We will then come back to you as soon as possible to tell you what to do next.

Attention: The insurance used is that of the Howder who will have carried out your transport: See general conditions.

Reservations are notes to be entered on your consignment note. They represent the only proof of the existence of the damage(s) suffered by your goods during transport. Only these notes can trigger the mechanism of presumption of responsibility against the carrier and are admissible for the opening of an insurance file.

In addition, they must be complete, precise and reasoned. In this way, you must, in particular, indicate the missing or damaged references or the damage suffered by your personal property (walls, parquet, staircase) and the manner in which the damage occurred.

Any broad or vague wording, such as "Subject to unpacking", "Package refused", "Package in poor condition", "Shock", will not be accepted.


The invoice for your Howdy will be sent to you by email once you have been debited, i.e. within 48 hours of the end of the journey.

Contact us by email at info@howdy-apps.com, or send us a message on the chat! Tell us the name of your company and the billing address, we will take care of it ;)

You will receive it 24 hours after the service.

Payment is made via VivaWallet, which is a secure web payment platform (PCI level 1 certified, the highest security level).

During your transport

You are required to provide a complete list of the items to be transported, but you can make changes via customer support. Any undeclared items will not be picked up or insured by our Truskers and will incur additional charges.

Delay is charged at €15 per 30 minutes.

In case of prolonged delay or no response from you, the trusk can be cancelled and half of the initial amount charged (up to a maximum of 100€).

In the event of a delay of more than 30 minutes on the part of the Howder, we offer to cancel or reschedule the Howdy free of charge.

Your goods are covered in case of :

* damage
* loss
* theft
for a maximum amount of €500.
This amount covers your entire shipment, regardless of the number of products.

My Order

You can order a Howdy's within the hour, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Our customer service is at your disposal from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Sunday.

Outside these hours, we do not guarantee the same responsiveness.

You can make a quote directly from our website.

Indicate the pick-up address (number, street, city, floors, lift)
Indicate the delivery address (number, street, town, floors, lift)
Indicate your items and their quantity. Please be thorough as we cannot transport or insure items not listed.
You get your estimate. At this stage, you can also choose the date and time of your transport
Enter your contact information
Receive your quote and pay!

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Any object whose unit weight exceeds ninety (90) kilograms
Works of art (antiques, paintings, etc.)
Musical instruments
Marble furniture
American refrigerators
Cash / cheques
Precious metals, coins, precious stones and jewellery
Dangerous goods (explosives, flammable products, any material requiring a certain transport certification)
Weapons by nature
War material or similar (including spare parts)
Fresh foodstuffs and temperature-controlled foodstuffs
Refrigerated goods (non-food) not self-refrigerated
Perishable biological materials, infectious or non-infectious, organs
Living or dead human beings
Live or dead animals
Counterfeit goods
Medicines, tobacco
Narcotics and psychotropic materials
Ashes and funeral relics
Any obscene or immoral item

Our Howders do not dismantle or assemble objects.

If certain objects do not fit on the stairs or in the lift, they must be dismantled before the Howder arrives.

If your items do not fit in the lift, the price of your Howdy's is likely to increase. You must ensure that the items fit into the stairwell.

If they do not, we will have to cancel your trip and charge half the cost of the service up to a maximum of €100 including VAT.

As the trucks are owned by our Howder's, we cannot guarantee space in the truck. It depends on the goodwill of the Howder.

We invite you to specify this request in the details of your order.

As soon as the Howder has started its race, you will receive a link with a map on which you can geolocate the Howder in real time. You will also find a way to contact him and a precise estimation of his arrival time.

You will not be charged for the journey if your cancellation request is made at least 1 hour before the pick-up time.

After this time, you will be charged half the cost (up to a maximum of 100€).

If you wish to change the date or time of your order, you can make a request by replying to the email after validation of your order or via the customer support.

We will then send you your new quote. If you are not happy with the new quote, you can request a cancellation.

Information about Howdy Partners

You can place your orders and have them delivered whenever you want. If you have any questions, customer support is open from 10am to 6pm.

For same day orders, please schedule them before 7pm, otherwise we will only be able to execute them from 9am the next day.

We can provide you with a professional platform if you have recurrent needs for transport. However, a minimum of 4 trips per month is required. Do not hesitate to contact us on partners@howdy-apps.com if you are in this case.

All our Howder's are equipped with dollies, straps and covers. For the 20m3 trucks, they are equipped with a tailgate and a pallet truck. We do not do any packaging.

Our Howder's are professional transporters selected by us. They all have a transport licence to operate and are from independent transport companies.